Last Will and Testament of the Emperor
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 27 March 2013
article image As the last time we were in Mogushan Vaults not many people rolled on the gear we decided to extend last weeks raid so that we just had the last boss to kill.

Interestingly enough, we had a practice attempt and after that we had a textbook kill. A guild achievement was earned and another feather in the cap for the Shining Force crew.

We read the last will and testament for the emperor and earned ourselves a 6/6 progress in the normal instance.

And now we move to Heart of Fear.
Elegon suffered an E.L.E.gon
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 20 March 2013
article image We've been trying to master those damn pillars for a number of weeks now and finally we were in a position where we could make a few attempts with two healers only.

After a couple of wipes it was clear that tonight could be the night and then due to an unfortunate timing error, yours truly descended down the pit of despair. A quick release and run in and a fresh buff and setup and things started quite smoothly, the right number of adds, the draw powers were blocked up to 4 and then the boss dps'd down.

Then in the last phase it was a case of whatever you can do to keep alive to help the healers, do it. So healing rain, tranquility's etc everything from non-healers was thrown in to the mix and before we knew it, the boss was at 5%. A little push further and down he went, suffering his own Extinction Level Event.

Shining Force 5/6 in MSV Normal, Well done everyone.
Spirit Kings Taught a Lesson in Heraldry
posted by Lomil, Friday, 15 February 2013
article image After getting so close on Wednesday night after our first kill of Gara'jal we hoped that this would be the week where we progressed that bit further by having a second guild run for the week.

It was looking promising until a couple of last minute drop outs but things were not as bad as all that as one of our unwell members managed to drag himself out of bed to come along to the raid and brought his other half with him to make the numbers up.

We were certainly close on Wednesday as with the same tactics and a couple of practises on execution the Spirit Kings fell one by one to the swords and spells of the force.

Well done all
Gara'jal Earns a Rest in the Spirit Realm
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 13 February 2013
article image After a couple of attempts on our friend the Spirit Binder we seemed to be getting the hang of the spirit realm handling of the adds and we were getting closer and closer to the magic number where we can pop the heroism and finish him off.

On Wednesday, things were going well, we had now unfortunate deaths within the spirit realm for people not getting out in time and we were fast approaching the 20% mark with everyone alive.

Finally, we popped the heroism and then burned and burned and burned until a nice new boss kill was awarded to us.