Tidying the house
posted by Lycopop, Saturday, 10 October 2009
article image With all the Ulduar and Totc boss killing and progression lately, not much thought was given to lonely old Archavon. In fact, since most of us last went to his Vault with the guild, there have been added 2 new bosses - of the same stoney beardy mould. Emalon with his 4 overcharging minions. Koralon with his sub-Ignis fire fixation.
Koralon came first. Not a problem. Fire everywhere - perhaps on account of his rage that his crotch pot doesn't work like Ignis. Mucho healing and stepping out of cinders = death and phat lewt. Well, would have been had any rogues been in the group.
Emalon next. Similarly few problems. DPS was spot on, movement and reactions were good. Spotless job.
And finally old Archavon. Poor original beardman. Now very much the lesser of the brothers. He stomps, he grabs the little man in his tight grip, he throws stones. He is the teenage boy of raid bosses. And we were the Clearasil Ultra. Boss down. BOSS DOWN!
Stone Watcher Becomes a Pile of Rubble
posted by Lomil, Thursday, 15 January 2009
article image Well, it took a couple of attempts for us to realise that perhaps we needed some weapons for our attack on the boss of Wintergrasp.

Well, after a swift repair, not mentioning any names, we proceeded to start the dps race to get the Stone Watcher down even getting the healers involved in a bit of dps, well, they were sat around doing nothing.

Anyway, as can be seen from the picture, he crumped to a pile of rubble on the floor. Well done to Othra on his new Hunter legs , unfortunately the Warlock legs were wasted.
About The Vault of Archavon
posted by Lomil, Thursday, 18 December 2008
article image The Vault of Archavon is a short raid instance with one boss in it - Archavon the Stone Watcher. The instance is only accessible after one of either faction has claimed victory in Wintergrasp. The entrance to this raid can be found in Wintergrasp Keep.

There is both a 10 and 25 man version of this raid.