The crusade called - AWESOME answered
posted by Lycopop, Monday, 26 October 2009
article image If the Call of the Crusade in the colliseum is intended to find the right kind of heroes for the ultimate fight against Arthas, then step up you raiders of Shining Force. It's taken a few weeks of battling beasts, demons, champions and twins but tonight was the final challenge - the final boss of Azjol Nerub. Sort of.
The angry, roided up, frosty, uber ego version of the Azjol bug.

A few goes to get the focus in, a few close skirts with success ended with a rather brutal enrage, then bang! Down she goes with 3 mins left til the enrage. The revenge of Shining Force manifested in a savage mullering. Once again, fantastic execution, concentration and raw undiminished output.

So that's that one down then. Huge congrats to everyone that contributed in any way to this tremendous success. Now let's farm it to the splinters and get ourselves as shiny as possible for the big fella round the corner.
Faction Jackson, binning twins
posted by Lycopop, Friday, 23 October 2009
article image After an attritional Wednesday clearing to the Champions, it was deep breaths, trousers up, chins out ... and a night dedicated to wiping and learning. Shining Force style.

Throughout the week, the group had discussed and considerated the whys and hows and whithers of a stupid quasi-arena fight in a PVE raid. Yeah, the Faction Champions in TOC. The ease with which tonight's group one-shot the 'Champs' would have been an anti-climax had it not been brimming with AWESOME.

For possibly the first time in the history of WoW, it seemed that everybody did everything utterly right in a faultless display of opening a can of whoppass.

And so on to the Twin Valkyrs. Raid leader tripped over his tongue in an 'overview' the length of which was more suited to the Queen's opening of parliament. A quick summing up by someone more northern and more straight talking in that flat cap sort of way, and in we went. Couple of goes to pique the reflexes and the twins were also down.

Another brilliant night of work by SF raiders. Nice ...
Shining Force hears the call
posted by Lycopop, Wednesday, 7 October 2009
article image The first scheduled night for the SF raiders to the Trial of the Crusader proved a success. Unperturbed by the drab surrounds, akin to a rotting tithe barn, and unamused by the rather prosaic method of summoning bosses by having a chat with some dude - whither trash? - the raiders got down to business.
Bolstered by recent experiences in pugs, guild groups, and Bristol Zoo, the Beasts of Northrend were the first to go down. Gormok was, frankly, a pickle. The worms were the real trial as people frantically sought the players with bile to remove their paralysis. Yep, it's an odd, stupid and annoying fight. Icehowl was a lolfest. Clearly enamoured by Ranna's admittedly foxy haircut, he just sat there on his yeti haunches, breathing frost all over her, allowing everyone to just dps his backside til he was dead. Man, we've all been there.
Jaraxxus proved little more trouble. Lots of adds gathering, adds nuking, interrupting and healing. One shot. A demon this kind should resemble Santa more than Satan if he's going to keep giving out gifts.
well done all on the kills. Faction Champions ... will be next. Literally.