Sartharion and One of His Buddies Fall
posted by Lomil, Monday, 1 February 2010
article image After completing the Eye of Eternity we were left with someone who still had not done Sartharion to earn his Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

So rather than go in there and get him the title and waste an opportunity we decided to tackle another guild goal of getting Sartharion down while one of his drakes was still alive.

In we went, very good run, very good tactics and the dreaded dragon succumbed to our wrath. Well done to all for keeping out of the fire walls and making the healers jobs a little easier.
Sartharion and His Companions Eliminated
posted by Lomil, Sunday, 11 January 2009
article image Before our friday night outing to Naxxramas we decided to try our luck in the Obsidian Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple.

After despatching his companions, Sartharion succombed to the shining force raid groups wrath and laid in a crumpled mess on his island in the lava.