25 Man for Shining Force a Success
posted by Lomil, Saturday, 18 April 2009
article image It seemed like the majority of the guild came out in force to attend the first 25 man Naxxramas raid and what a success it was.

Fantastic job by everyone. All listened to the tactics and did what was required of them and were rewarded with 12 epic boss drops and 2 mob epic drops and the [Heroic: The Arachnid Quarter] achievement.

Very proud of everyone. Well done.
Kel'Thuzad and his Minions are despatched
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 15 April 2009
article image Well, another fantastic raid week from the force. After downing Sapphiron on Monday we decided to pull together a group to have an evening of battling Kel'thuzad.

It was an interesting night. Our healers were having trouble keeping everyone alive especiall as we kept having a few unlucky ice blocks on them in particular.

So, one of the dps made the ultimate sacrifice and was portal'd to stormwind to respec as a healer.

A couple of attempts later. One dead Kel'Thuzad...

Shining Force now add the Fall of Naxxramas to their achievements. Thanks to all who turned up last night an to all those who have helped over the past few months in achieving this.
Sapphiron feels the Wrath of our Frost Wyrm Flasks
posted by Lomil, Tuesday, 24 March 2009
article image Well, this week has certainly been a turnup for the books. Getting all 4 quarters done and then throwing a bunch together on a non-guild raid night just to have a go at Sapphiron before the raid reset.

Not so sure what people expected as the outcome but it was certainly a nice surprise. Well done to all involved this week and especially those that helped out tonight.

For the record, I now have the key to Eye of Eternity and have had a sneak peak inside. So a few more upgrades (and Kel down ofc) and I think we'll head there as one of outings.
Thaddius Overcharges for the Last Time
posted by Lomil, Tuesday, 24 March 2009
article image Well, after getting Gluth down, we thought we'd have a look at Thaddiues and see how the fight goes.

After a few attempts things were, shall we say, getting there. They just didn't seem to be clicking.

It was getting late so we had a last vote to see if everyone wanted to have one last go. Unanimus decision all round, so another go i was. Well worth staying, we got the polarity switches nailed and we even managed it with 1 healer as poor ole Leodis couldn't stay alive, despite all the combat res's.

Fantastic all, 4 quarters completed for Shining Force.
Gluth Gets Taken for a Walk
posted by Lomil, Tuesday, 24 March 2009
article image Well, we were pleasantly surprised when we started our assault on the construct quarter with a healer down.

Things weren't looking too good, then Grobbulus died. Odd, that seemed much easier than our previous attempts, so we move on to tackle the big dog. After several tries at kiting the adds it clicked and lo and behold the dog got let off his lead for the last time.

Well done all, 3rd boss in this quarter down.