Lich King Mounts R Us
posted by Lomil, Monday, 6 February 2012
article image We've said all along that if we managed to have a few spare nights, we'd go after some of the achievements. So this is exactly what we did, we went after the Lich King so that we could all get the mount.

Here's a piccy of us showing em off in Dalaran.
The Fall of the Lich King
posted by Lomil, Friday, 12 November 2010
article image We came, we saw, we kicked his.

One of the Shining Force goals of this expansion was to complete the main raid of the expansion before the new expansion was released and we have finally completed this, this evening.

After several weeks of battling through the Icecrown Citadel, picking off each boss steadily we finally had to spend some time studying and practisng against the Lich King.

Finally, in Shining Force fashion, we completed the Lich King using our own variation of the tactics and not the published ones.

Well done to everyone throughout this expansion for all the hard work and commitment and to finally see the Lich King cut scene as a direct result of OUR actions.
Ice Ice Baby ...
posted by Lomil, Saturday, 28 August 2010
article image Wow,

After a couple of painstaking weeks studying tactics, putting them into practise, then finding out they don't work for us. We set out on another one of our develop a Shining Force way to down the boss.

A few changes here, a few changes there and it seems we were getting close. All we needed was to get the work on the tombs in phase 3 sorted and we'd be there.

All of a sudden, we're down to 8% and our friendly gnome mage gets tombed, Othra shouts forget the gnome, let him die, concentrate on the boss. I'm sure Oddbodd felt re-assured by Othra's compassion but the call was right, all dps on the boss the healers flat out on the tanks and the woohooo The Frostwing Halls achievement pops up for everyone.

Yayyyyy, Shining Force 11/12 in Icecrown Citadel, only the big fella left to take on.
Stake Driven Through Her Heart
posted by Lomil, Friday, 13 August 2010
article image What a week for the Shining Force. First we get the Blood Prince Counil down then completely unexpected and contrary to the plan for the raid tonight we go and down the Blood Queen on our second attempt.

On the first attempt we made a critical mistake and sacrificed our non-gnome mage instead of our gnome warlock. Still on the second attempt we decided honorary sacrifices just used up rebirths so we decided to try and all stay alive.

A few bites on the neck later, a bit of blood drained from each member of the guild and then one resilient Van Helsing drove a stake (well it might have been a sword, but it still pierced the heart) into the Blood Queen to finish her off.

Fantastic raid week this one. Shining Force are now 10/12 with only Sindragosa and the Lich King himself left for us to complete.

Well done guildies, looking forward to our next raid night.