Al'akir is Gone with the Wind
posted by Lomil, Tuesday, 16 August 2011
article image Finally, after a hard trek and I have to say within the timescales that were set out for the raid progress for the summer we have completed the pre-Firelands raid and achieved 12/12.

Well done to all those members who are now proud owners of the Reins of the Dark Phoenix and an even greater well done to all those members who can now proudly wear the title Defender of a Shattered World.

Well done guildies, proud of all of you.
A Cold Wind Blows No More
posted by AndyMcflab, Wednesday, 25 May 2011
article image Rocking up to a new raid and a new boss, pockets full of repair money. We knew it was ganna be a good night as we took turns mounting Lando's throbbing rocket, Lando and Wich getting blown off by Rohash, Tanks taking a face full of Nezir's milky white jet and Anshal splashing his seed around the room.

After a few attempts to get the feel of the encounter and dial in the DPS we started to make some progress, one boss down but just short of getting the others down within the minute.

With a final push and some mid fight DPS balancing Rohash drops, shortly followed by Anshal. A final all out push nudged Nazir over the edge.

Well done all for a first encounter Kill.

Shining Force are now 8/12.