Legendary Staff and Pets All Round
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 11 July 2012
article image After a humongous quest line with some very complex requirements and a mammoth collection task we finally get to see on our very own sat atop the dragon in the centre of Stormwind.

Congratulations to Oddbodd, our resident Legenday Staff holder and to all the guild members who can now obtain the associated pet.

I'm sure Oddbodd has already done this many times but I would like to thank everyone on the guilds behalf and Oddbodd's behalf for staying the course and completing this quest chain for us and him.
Ragnaros Runs for Cover
posted by Lomil, Monday, 16 January 2012
article image Although Dragon Soul is the progression raid of choice, we can't help but feel that the Firelands lord himself had beaten us.

Not tonight, although we were struggling to get our 3rd healer online due to internet trouble we managed some pretty good attempts with only 9 players.

Tonight was looking good, our 10th player got online and we went for it. A couple of tricky meteor problems in phase 3 and then finally the big guy did a runner.

Finally 7/7 in Firelands.
The Fiery Druid Unleashed
posted by Lomil, Tuesday, 15 November 2011
article image Well, what can I say. The Fandrals Flamescythe has ended up in my possession so I thought I would test out its features. It has some rather confusing combat ways of triggering its transformation ability and a hidden on-use ability.

Of course these are all only apparent when in Cat Form, although once you have acquired the buff it stays with you until you die / leave combat.

Minordomo has a Major Headache
posted by Lomil, Friday, 4 November 2011
article image After coming back from a rather wet fireworks display. I checked with the guild to see if they were short a tank. They were. We got a group together (a little late but hey we got a group) and set forth to kneel before the penitent Druids of the Flame and take on Majordomo himself. Only majordomo was left between us and the big man himself.

After the first couple of attempts to gauge when we should switch him from Scorpion to Cat it was clear our healers were more than capable of handling a large number of stacks before the switch.

On the third attempt, we lost a couple of people to the orbs but the fact he was on 5% at this time was a case of just pull out all the stops and nuke the hell out of him.

He died, the force are 6/7 and are now set to tackle the big guy himself.