A Shining Force Legend is Born
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 23 May 2012
article image It has been a long time coming and a long and tiring journey, a lot of us are sick of seeing Dragon Soul now. But, after all the work, our resident rogue finally earned his wings and has become the proud owner of the Fangs of the Father and granted the guild its first Legendary Achievement.

Well done Throonge and thank you to all those that helped.
Heroic Morchok and his Twin are Crumbled
posted by Lomil, Wednesday, 29 February 2012
article image We've been clearing the Dragon Soul quite comfortably in a single night for a couple of weeks so we thought, with the 10% debuff, it would be worth giving Heroic Morchok a go and see if he was do-able.

After several wipes while we got to grips with the healing, tanking and general 2 x 5 man bosses syndrome. Although we had wipes, the bosses health was going in the right direction each time, down ...

I saw the bosses health drop below 10% and thought, If we can just hold it together for a few more seconds and hope the old RNG doesn't throw us a curve ball then this guy is going down.

And he did, T13H 1/8
Deathwing Falls to the Force
posted by Lomil, Friday, 3 February 2012
article image Woohoo,

Now this was a surprise, we thought it would be a long night of wipes and wipes and wipes but with a few unlucky drops of the mutated corruption impale and then some workings out on heroics and the new 4 piece frenzied regeneration the dragon fell to the force and a new guild achievement and title for all.

Well done, T13 8/8, now for some heroics...
The Force that Broke the Dragons Back
posted by Lomil, Monday, 30 January 2012
article image We had a look at this one earlier in the raid week. It seemed very tricky and required a lot of precision, not something we're accustomed to doing, big DPS numbers, lots of mana and lots of health, that was what mainly worked for us.

This boss, was much different. After several wipes and I do mean several while we developed our own tactics for dealing with the Amalgamations and the Corruptions we started making real progress.

We were quite shocked (well I was) when the armor plating was blasted off the last section and we were now DPS'ing the tendron to give us 7/8 in Dragon Soul and there we had it.

Well done all, T13 7/8
The Not So Loot Ship ...
posted by Lomil, Friday, 27 January 2012
article image Now, lots of people were comparing this boss to the loot ship in Icecrown Citadel. Not completely sure how. This is definitely not as easy as that was, especially with all those little Sapper monkeys trying to sneak in and blow the ship up.

We've had a pretty good week already and got the first 5 bosses down in just over an hour so figured we had some time to get some practise in on this boss and learn the tactics.

Surprisingly after only a couple of wipes (mainly due to the RNG, well there's no harm in blaming it) the Warmaster dropped onto the deck and before you could say Woot 6/8 in Dragon Soul we all said Woot 6/8 in Dragon Soul.

Well done all, T13 6/8