Nefarius Deeds
posted by AndyMcflab, Wednesday, 10 August 2011
article image Hot on the heels of the Cho'gall outing we venture forth into the mad dragon Nefarian's crucible pot to see what he's been cooking up. Lo and behold it's our old mate Onyxia (wait didn't we put your head on a pike at 60, then just out right slay you at 80 ah well never mind). With a bit of tank love and morale support for a rookie (to raids that is) tank we soon had Onyxia dispatched with minimal fuss. Now the seemingly simple tank of jumping out of lava onto a platform, that's one slippery platform.

A few goes to get that sorted so the interrupt round can begin, before we know it the lava has receded and Nefarian is back. After the tank healer managing to keeps himself only part charred a cheer goes up, the screen fills with achievements. This can only mean one thing, and not it's not a gnome sacrifice (next time) Nefarian has fallen.

Shining Force 11/12 just the windy one to go.
Ding Dong We've Banged the Gong
posted by Lomil, Friday, 13 May 2011
article image Well we came, we saw, we danced to the sound of the music without increasing our sound levels too high of course and ultimately we banged the gongs and sealed the fate of Altramedes.

With a swift move to the side here, side there and avoiding all those sonar pulses and a nice swift run by Throonge the Hedgehog round the outside keeping one step ahead of that fiery breath and he falls, Shining Force seals a 5/6 in Blackwing Descent and a 6/12 overall.
The Feud of Chimaeron is Settled
posted by Lomil, Tuesday, 26 April 2011
article image After another successful kill of our old friend Maloriak and with the three drakes this week with Halfus being one of the tougher combinations we thought we se tour sights on the sleepy two headed dragon.

After several attempts of getting him to 1% and a few re-shuffles of tactics and strategies surrounding healing through the bile-o-tron offline phases we set about a last ditch attempt before we all logged for the evening.

Not surprising, in the old Shining Force way, the lets give it one last go resulted in a sleepy dragon being put into a much deeper sleep.

Night night dragon, SF now 5/12 in Cataclysm
Maloriak Boiled in His Cauldron
posted by Lomil, Friday, 15 April 2011
article image After getting all the alchemists prepared in the raid, we set to work mixing our own potions to combat the potions Maloriak was throwing at us.

Red mixture here, Blue mixture there, Green mixture here, lot of dps there, lot of healing there, lot of tanking there and kaboom, we gave him a taste of his own potions.

Well done everyone, 3/12 now.