Teamspeak IP Address

For those of our members who regularly use the guild teamspeak server can you please start using to connect instead of the ip address that was used previously. There are plans to change the teamspeak provider and doing this now will ensure the changeover goes smoothly.
Communication for Raids / Instances

To help with the co-ordination of instances, raids and any other group events that we undertake we have a teamspeak voice communication server available.

You can download the teamspeak client software from Go Teamspeak. Once the client has been downloaded double click or open the downloaded file and install this on your computer or laptop.

Once installed, select the icon from your desktop or start menu and click Quick Connect from the menu.

In the boxes enter the following details:
  • Server Address -

  • Login Username - Your characters name (or your real name)

  • Login Password - Leave blank

  • Password - Ask a guild member or see the guild info tab in game

  • To switch channels, if required, right click on the channel you want to move to and select the switch channel option (or simply double click on the channel name you want to move to).