August 2009 Get Together ... Continued
posted by Lomil, Thursday, 6 August 2009
article image We found a nice big bench at another public house overlooking the river and Demonhunt took the brave step of asking a young lady if he could borrow a knife. Not the best opening line.

Well we all tried the cake, very nice indeed, although we did get some bizarre looks from the waiter of the pub (not sure they were keen on the idea of us bringing our own food to eat).

Anyway, much merryment and conversations about WoW and other stuff (not much other stuff, just a lot of WoW really).

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Very nice to put faces to names.
August 2009 Get Together
posted by Lomil, Thursday, 6 August 2009
article image As one of our members from Denmark was across in the UK doing a mini-tour we decided to pull together a meeting of some of the guild members in the grand old City of York.

A convenient place to meet and probably the most obvious to find was the York Minster.

The group met up around 11:00am and decided to find a suitable place to have a few drinks and a bit of food.

Later on, I had a prior engagement earlier so couldn't make 11:00am, I joined up with the group outside the York Minster (no they hadn't stayed there waiting for me all that time) and Demonhunt was keen for us to find a place to sample some Danish delicacy (some special cake, although we were assured it was not that sort of special cake).

On the picture, from left to right: Leodis, Mewsue, Dentalplan, Zara, Willowherb, Demonhunt, Timara, Lomil